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New Netflix Releases for November 27, 2015



A washed-up voice-over actor and former child star finds his true calling when he poses as a high school guidance counselor. He's a phony guidance counselor who shares booze and weed with his students. So why do the kids' lives begin to improve?

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Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

A girl tracks down her widowed dad's college best friend, believing they're meant to be together. But the woman is already engaged to another man. His daughter was his saving grace. And that grace will take him from darkness to light, from tragedy to true love.

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New Netflix Releases for November 26, 2015



An outcast alien named Oh befriends a little human girl and helps her find her mother while his hive-minded people invade the planet and take over. The creatures invading Earth aren't too popular with humans. But an alien boy and an Earth girl find friendship anyhow.

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Kate & Leopold

A present-day woman takes responsibility for guiding a charming time-traveling 19th-century nobleman through the 21st century. An ambitious New York woman falls for a dashing older man. What's a century or two between lovebirds?

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Marie's Story

Blind and deaf since birth, young Marie Heurtin begins to experience the world in new ways as a nun coaxes her out of isolation. A nun with the patience of a saint finds a way inside the dark and silent world of a teenage girl.

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New Netflix Releases for November 25, 2015


AFV Kids: Nincompoop Nation - Season 1


From funny animals and precocious kids to sports screw-ups and wedding-day don'ts, America's thriving nincompoop population keeps everyone laughing. Where would we be without our nincompoops? OK, we'd be smarter, faster, better all around, but we'd be nowhere as funny.

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The Grand - Season 1


Welcome to The Grand, a four-star 1920s English hotel where adultery, greed, prostitution and plenty of juicy gossip are served in high style. The old hotel now looks shiny and new -- but the people who keep the place tip-top are a bit of a mess.

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Gringolandia - Season 3

A fast-talking, fun-loving immigrant moves to New York, hoping to make it big running a Chilean hot dog cart and chasing his elusive American dream. He's going all the way from Chile to New York because he's going to make his dreams come true. One hot dog at a time.

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Lost and Love

A father whose toddler son was kidnapped forms a special bond with a young survivor of abduction as they search together for the loved ones they lost. A father searching for his long-lost son. A mechanic kidnapped in childhood. A special bond between heartbroken seekers.

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Three whistleblowers -- all former high-level national security insiders -- discuss their ordeals facing prosecution by the U.S. government. Three enraged citizens blow the whistle on the government and learn one critical thing: Truth is a dangerous weapon.

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Silver Spoon - Season 1

When a young man flees the city and enrolls in agricultural school, he struggles to define his life path as his compassion for animals grows. A student struggling for direction comes face-to-face with the natural world and fights to find his place in it.

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An unlikely bond forms between 21-year-old Jane and 85-year-old Sadie when they cross paths at a garage sale. This film contains explicit content. A wayward young woman gets more than she bargained for -- but just what she needs -- at an old woman's garage sale.

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New Netflix Releases for November 24, 2015


Appropriate Adult - Season 1


This dark crime series focuses on the tension between an accused killer and the woman appointed to protect his interests during police questioning. A heartless accused killer. A newly minted social worker. Their complicated friendship turns her world upside down.

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Back in Time

A wedding guest nostalgically looks back on more than 15 years of memories with his best friends and draws inspiration from recalling a lost love. Weddings: a time to celebrate and toast a bright future. For one guest, it's a time to look back with nostalgic regret.

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Bienvenida Realidad - Season 1

This dramatic series follows a group of troubled teens in their last year of school, coping with such challenges as drug abuse and sexual identity. Chilean teens experiment with drugs, dating, sexual identity, life and death. In other words, growing up.

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The Chicago Code - Season 1


Chicago's new police superintendant and her former partner battle to rid the city of crime and the rampant corruption of a powerful politico. Chicago's king of corruption. Politicians on the take. One honest cop. Someone's gotta take out this city's trash.

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