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March 31, 2015



As World War II heats up, an American captain leads a squad of British commandos on a treacherous mission behind enemy lines.

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Ask Me Anything

On a yearlong break between high school and college, a teenager writes an anonymous but highly revealing blog chronicling her sex life.

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Atari: Game Over

Explore the demise of gaming giant Atari, along with claims that it hid its biggest flop, 1982's "E.T.," by burying the cartridges in the desert. They're digging up what really happened when Atari died. Gaming's biggest mystery -- or just an urban legend?

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The Aviators

During World War I, a clumsy carrier pigeon and his mouse sidekick pluck up their courage to save a battalion of beleaguered American soldiers.

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When a man fatally stabs an acquaintance, a respectable teenager reports the murder to the police -- and unexpectedly faces serious charges himself.

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The Crazy Ones - Season 1

Comedy icon Robin Williams returns to television in this raucous sitcom about an advertising wizard and his eccentric family and staff.

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Devil's Backbone Texas

A filmmaker returns to the scene of his father's mysterious death in the wilderness to uncover the madness -- or the evil -- that claimed his life.

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Dr. Dolittle 3

The ability to talk to critters runs in the family, and Maya Dolittle can't escape it -- even during her summer vacation. Maya just wants to be a normal teen, and while she spends her holiday at a dude ranch, she tries to conceal her unique talent.

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Flight 93

This drama recounts the story of the passengers of United Flight 93 and their heroic efforts to wrestle control of their plane on Sept. 11, 2001.

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Garfield's Pet Force

When an alien menace and her army of undead minions threaten to enslave the world, Garfield heads a team of comic-strip superheroes to save the day.

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The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy - Season 1

After losing a game of limbo, the grim reaper is forced to be best friends with two children who use his supernatural powers for their own gain. This brother and sister beat death ... in a game of limbo. Now he's their best friend and slave for life!

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The Houses October Built

Five friends hit the road to find the best gimmicky Halloween haunted house, but soon a terrifyingly real evil begins to hound their steps.

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Jasper: Journey to the End of the World

When sinister Dr. Block seizes the eggs of a rare parrot species, penguin brothers Jasper and Junior help a young girl try to get them back.

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Love the One You're With

The talented and ambitious Wright sisters pursue their careers with passion -- but find that it could cost each of them the love of their lives.

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A woman decides to work for a short time as an exotic dancer to help pay her father's medical bills, but the easy money and lifestyle seduce her.

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Bank clerk John Skillpa hides a disturbing past from everyone in tiny Peacock, Neb., but his efforts unravel when a train crashes into his backyard.

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Pet Pals in Windland

Eggy, his best friend Top Hat and their pet pals get ready for a party in their magical village, but the dastardly Crow Witch tries to spoil the fun.

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Residue - Season 1

After a freak explosion wreaks havoc on a sprawling city of the future, eight survivors get caught up in the aftermath and its paranormal effects.

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The Sandlot 2

When a new generation of quirky kids gather in the titular sandlot to play ball, they must deal with a menacing neighbor and his ferocious dog.

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Twelve Mile Road

When a troubled girl spends the summer at her estranged father's farm, their lives and the lives of those around them are changed for seasons to come.

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