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April 24, 2015


Archangel - Season 1


After learning about the existence of a notebook belonging to Joseph Stalin, a historian uncovers evidence that points to a secret Stalinist legacy.

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Filmmaker Alan Ereira joins the leaders of the ancient Kogi tribe of Colombia, who explain how the world must guard against environmental devastation. An ancient tribe has a warning for us all: If we don't change our ways, our Earth is doomed. It's time we listened up!

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Auschwitz: Blueprints of Genocide

Newly released KGB files expose evidence proving how architects and engineers conspired with the Nazis to build a camp designed for genocide.

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Battle of Britain: The Real Story

Historian James Holland analyzes intelligence records and eyewitness accounts from both sides of the Battle of Britain.

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Bears: Spy in the Woods

Attenborough's team travels the globe for up-close looks at polar bears, grizzlies, pandas and other fascinating bear species.

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Churchill's First World War

Relying on his intimate letters to his wife, this docudrama examines Winston Churchill's extraordinary experiences during the Great War.

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Through dramatization, vivid imagery and archive footage, this film spotlights an array of individuals who were involved in the momentous D-Day event.

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Earth: Power of the Planet - Season 1

Hosted by geologist Iain Stewart, this documentary series explores how volcanoes, the ocean, the atmosphere and ice have shaped Earth. Spewing volcanoes and ice explosions. That's just for starters. Nature's fury formed our world -- and it still does.

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Elephants: Spy in the Herd

Spy cams capture rarely seen elephant behavior, including two males battling for territory, a calf's birth, intra-herd jealousy and more.

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Expedition Borneo - Season 1

A team of six explorers are dropped into one of the most remote and biologically rich places on Earth to study its fragile ecosystem.

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Filthy Cities - Season 1

Historian Dan Snow examines the dirt and disease that engulfed London, Paris and New York in centuries past, and how each city cleaned up its act.

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The First World War From Above

Aerial footage from 1919 captures the battlefields of World War I, revealing the destruction and devastation inflicted across Europe.

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From Here to Infinity

"Horizon" examines dark energy, a little-understood force that can help explain the creation of the universe ... and lead to its destruction.

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Generation Earth - Season 1

Join Dallas Campbell on a journey around the globe to discover how mankind has used technology, determination and ingenuity to transform our planet. From the oceans to outer space, we humans have achieved some genius things. It's time to give props where they're due!

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Goering's Last Secret

This intriguing film reveals the amazing and relatively untold story of Albert Goering, the brother of Nazi Herman Goering. Despite his connections to the highest echelons of the Nazi Party, Albert was determinedly anti-Nazi.

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Great Raids of World War II - Season 1

This series presents six stories of small-scale Allied military operations told through the accounts of World War II veterans and archival footage. The only thing more amazing than their missions is that they lived to tell their extraordinary tales.

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