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April 24, 2014


Season 4

It's almost like the word "shenanigans" was invented for this show. Because that's what it's full of -- Lots and lots of shenanigans. Enjoy. It's almost like the word "shenanigans" was invented for this show.


TV Shows, Kids' TV, TV Cartoons, Kids' TV for ages 11 to 12, Kids' TV for ages 8 to 10


Season 3

Lazlo directs a play about the seven deadly sandwiches, Raj freaks out when he loses his tusks, the Bean Scouts broadcast a radio show, and more!


TV Shows, Kids' TV, TV Cartoons, Kids' TV for ages 11 to 12, Kids' TV for ages 8 to 10


Odd Thomas

In a California desert town, a short-order cook with clairvoyant abilities encounters a mysterious man with a link to dark, threatening forces.


Comedies, Horror Movies, Thrillers, Supernatural Horror Movies, Supernatural Thrillers, Mysteries


The Benchwarmers

Humiliated as children on the baseball field, a trio of adult friends form a three-man team to take on the top Little League squads.

2006 / RT 11% / IMDB

Comedies, Sports Movies, Slapstick Comedies, Sports Comedies, Baseball Movies

April 23, 2014


Shuddh Desi Romance

This romantic drama plays out against the changing but still tradition-bound landscape of India, with plenty of obstacles making true love difficult.

2013 / IMDB

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Freakshow: Season 1

Todd Ray runs the Venice Beach Freakshow, a museum and sideshow where his family and friends use unique abilities to entertain awestruck audiences.


TV Shows, Reality TV



Todd Ray hosts this unscripted series following his Venice Beach Freakshow, complete with two-headed animals, strange artifacts, and human wonders.


TV Shows, Reality TV


Small Town Security: Season 2

Return, if you dare, to the firm of JJK Security, a family-owned Georgia company that takes reality television to outrageous new territory.


TV Shows, Reality TV


La Maison de la Radio

Taking his cameras inside Paris' Radio France, filmmaker Nicolas Philibert spotlights the personalities behind the station's diverse programming.

2013 / RT 69% / IMDB

Documentaries, Foreign Movies, Foreign Documentaries, Social & Cultural Documentaries, French Movies


Don Jon

Jon Martello's romantic exploits are legendary among his friends, but his obsession with online porn saps his enthusiasm for real sex.

2013 / RT 81% / IMDB

Comedies, Independent Movies, Late Night Comedies, Independent Comedies


Come Undone

April 21, 2014


Instructions Not Included

Unable to locate the elusive mother of a baby girl left on his doorstep, an Acapulco playboy unexpectedly begins to develop feelings for the tot.

2013 / RT 56% / IMDB

Comedies, Dramas, Independent Movies, Foreign Movies, Foreign Comedies, Foreign Dramas, Independent Dramas, Tearjerkers, Showbiz Dramas, Independent Comedies, Latin American Movies, Mexican Movies


Charlie Countryman

A young American falls hard for a Romanian cellist whose father has recently died -- and whose violent past could bring about his own demise.

2013 / RT 27% / IMDB

Dramas, Romantic Movies, Independent Movies, Crime Dramas, Independent Dramas, Romantic Dramas, Romantic Independent Movies, Gangster Movies


A.N.T. Farm: Season 3

The ANTs are heading to boarding school! Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, Angus, and Lexi are accepted into the exclusive and prestigious Grundy Academy developed by billionaire and former child prodigy, Zoltan Grundy. In an environment without rules, Olive makes up a set of laws of her own, the girls become smitten with a chess prodigy, and Angus is asked to write a new jingle for a commercial.


TV Shows, Kids' TV, Disney, Kids' TV for ages 11 to 12, Kids' TV for ages 8 to 10


Gold Rush: Season 3

The gold miners head back to Porcupine Creek and Big Nugget, determined to finally strike it rich after two challenging seasons.


TV Shows, Reality TV


Danny Deckchair

A truck driver hatches a novel way to escape his humdrum life: he ties helium-filled balloons to his deck chair and floats into the sky.


Comedies, Independent Movies, Independent Comedies, Australian Movies

April 19, 2014



Relentlessly abused by her stepfather, Anna is ultimately driven to kill him and lands at a dangerously sadistic juvenile detention center.


Action & Adventure, Independent Movies, Thrillers, Comic Book and Superhero Movies, Crime Action & Adventure, Independent Action & Adventure, Independent Thrillers, Crime Thrillers, Steamy Thrillers

April 18, 2014


From One Second to the Next

Werner Herzog chronicles the devastating consequences of texting and driving. The film examines how lives can be forever altered by a trivial text.

2013 / IMDB

Documentaries, Biographical Documentaries, Social & Cultural Documentaries


On the Other Side of the Tracks

Two policemen from radically different worlds -- and with radically different styles -- investigate the murder of a business mogul's wife.


Action & Adventure, Comedies, Foreign Movies, Action Comedies, Crime Action & Adventure, Foreign Action & Adventure, Foreign Comedies, French Movies, French Comedies


The Players

This collection of short films pursues the theme of adultery from different perspectives, with each segment undertaken by a different director.


Comedies, Foreign Movies, Foreign Comedies, Late Night Comedies, French Movies, French Comedies

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