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New Netflix Releases for August 27, 2015



On the run for a gruesome crime, two women take refuge in a seaside town, where their shocking secret lies waiting to be discovered. Centuries of perpetual death and isolation made her hungry for life ... and young love's excruciating pain.

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samurai flamenco - Season 1

Despite having no superpowers, a male model decides to become the superhero Samurai Flamenco and is joined by a policeman to fight super-criminals. He's not a man of steel; he doesn't have super speed. But if he acts like a superhero, anything's possible!

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Total Drama - Season Total Drama All Stars

Heartwarming moments are interspersed with backstabbing, scheming, sabotage and broken alliances in this animated spoof of reality show competitions. Outrageous challenges. Heartwarming romance. Hilarious satire. A cast of animated stereotypes compete for fame.

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White God

Cruelly abandoned by his owners, a stray dog named Hagen survives brutal conditions to rally an army of mongrels bent on revenge. They've been kicked around long enough. They're ready to hit back. Lock your doors. These dogs have declared war.

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New Netflix Releases for August 26, 2015


Dueños del paraiso - Season 1

When Anastasia Cardona's drug lord husband is murdered, she inherits his cocaine empire, leading to a life of wealth, power, violence and betrayal. Romance can't be easy for a beautiful drug lord: Your lovers are your enemies, and your enemies all want you dead.

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Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Businessman Yash and his wife, Nandini, love their sons, but Yash disowns his adopted son, Rahul, after he marries a woman of lower social standing.

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The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq

When French author Michel Houellebecq disappeared for a time during the publicity tour for his newest novel, speculation regarding his fate ran wild.

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Señora Acero - Season 1

When her drug-trafficking husband dies, an unassuming woman stakes her own claim in the business in order to care for her gravely ill son. Her husband dealt in drugs, then he died. Now this ordinary woman steps up to try her own hand at the family trade.

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Sing It On - Season 1

Singing groups juggle academics, relationships and rehearsals as they vie for a spot at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella.

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New Netflix Releases for August 25, 2015


Gun Woman

A twisted but brilliant doctor bent on revenge buys a street prostitute, then uses brutality -- and surgery -- to turn her into the ultimate assassin. An embittered doctor's twisted mind devises a fiendish weapon: a young girl who has to kill ... or die trying.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Season The Sixteenth Year

This edgy police procedural follows members of the Special Victims Unit as they investigate sexual offenses such as rape, incest and pedophilia. Welcome to the Special Victims Unit. Where the crème de la crème rain justice on the scum of the earth.

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Limited Partnership

Though married since 1975, a gay couple seeking a green card spends years battling U.S. immigration officials, who refuse to recognize their union. There were lots of firsts, but in 1975, these men were the first same-sex partners to legally defend their marriage.

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The Real Story - Season 1

Go behind the scenes of some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters to learn about the real-life people and true stories that sparked the hit films.

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Rock this Boat: New Kids on the Block - Season 1

A select group of die-hard fans board a concert cruise with the popular boy band for a week-long voyage, full of free-spirited fun and music. Thousands of devoted fans and the biggest boy band ever. Put 'em all on a boat and you've got yourself a party!

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To Kill a Mockingbird

Atticus Finch defends an innocent black man against rape charges but ends up in a maelstrom of hate and prejudice.

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Unplanned America - Season 2

Three adventure-seeking Australians throw out their guidebooks and hunt out America's secretive and rarely seen subcultures. Aussies with an appetite for adventure take the path less traveled to uncover the real America.

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