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New Releases List for Netflix Brazil

This list lets you start with today's releases and then go "back in time" to see previous movie and tv show releases on Netflix Brazil.

In a town in Chile, a woman leads a frantic search to find her missing sister amid a media storm and the police investigation. Inspired by a true case.

TV Mysteries, TV Dramas, Crime TV Shows, TV Shows Based on Books, Chilean
Director(s): Gaspar Antillo, Claudia Huaiquimilla
Actors: Claudia Di Girólamo, Pablo Macaya, Daniel Alcaíno, Aline Küppenheim, Julia Lübbert, Montserrat Lira, Amparo Noguera, Néstor Cantillana, Claudio Arredondo, Daniela Pino, Gloria Münchmeyer
The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil On the Other Side of the Tracks S.W.A.T. The Ice Road

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Sonic the Hedgehog The Gentlemen The Age of Adaline What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

A folk-hero bandit known for his many prison breaks considers a fresh life path when he gets a new girlfriend. Based on the life of Zdzisław Najmrodzki.

Action & Adventure, Comedies, Polish
Director(s): Mateusz Rakowicz
Actors: Dawid Ogrodnik, Robert Więckiewicz, Jakub Gierszał, Masza Wągrocka, Rafał Zawierucha, Sandra Drzymalska, Andrzej Andrzejewski, Dorota Kolak, Olga Bołądź, Roch Nowicki, Tomasz Sapryk

At first, Lucía is taken aback by her son's girlfriend's eclectic family, but little does she know the impact they'll have on her prim and proper life.

Comedies, Spanish
Director(s): Arantxa Echevarría
Actors: Belén Rueda, José Coronado, Gonzalo de Castro, Pepa Aniorte, Carolina Yuste, Gonzalo Ramos, Jesús Vidal, Lalo Tenorio, María Hervás, Huichi Chiu, Belén Fabra, Israel Elejalde, Lola Marceli

An honest lawyer reaches a moral crossroads after the cops force her to inform on her incarcerated brother, the leader of a rising criminal faction.

Hoping to understand their classmate Komi more so they can be friends with her, Nakanaka and Yamai decide to talk to Tadano.

Eight iconic stars of the Rival Theater, home to Brazil's first generation of drag queens, share stories of expression and revolution in the 1960s.

Brazilian Movies, Biographical Documentaries, LGBTQ Movies, Brazilian Documentaries, Music & Musicals, Brazilian Music & Musicals, Documentary Films, Brazilian, Social & Cultural Docs
Director(s): Leandra Leal

Maternity leave is over and it's time for these four moms to return to work while navigating kids, bosses, love and life in modern-day Toronto.

Gus grows restless waiting for Lalo to make a move. Kim extracts intel from a former colleague. Howard turns combative.

In the year 2045, Motoko Kusanagi and Section 9 return to fight a dangerous new threat in this feature-length recut of the first season of "SAC_2045."

Action & Adventure, Action Anime, Anime Movies, Crime Movies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Anime, Sci-Fi Movies, Japanese
Director(s): Kenji Kamiyama, Shinji Aramaki
Actors: Atsuko Tanaka, Osamu Saka, Akio Otsuka, Koichi Yamadera, Yutaka Nakano, Toru Okawa, Takashi Onozuka, Taro Yamaguchi, Sakiko Tamagawa, Megumi Han, Kenjiro Tsuda, Kaiji Soze, Shigeo Kiyama, Megumi Hayashibara